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Planer in numbers

1417Project days
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You save a tons of time and have all outlines in one place.

Players receive final orders ready to paste in the in-game notes and send.

Instantly distribute created objectives to players.

Friendly and easy-to-use interface.

The ability to accurately describe each axeman yourself or leave it to the Planer, choosing from dozens of options.

Growing number of users.

Constantly adding new options and fixing bugs.

The scripts used are reported and approved by the game support.

Putting away notebooks, sheets and excel sheets in the trash.

You will avoid common problems like doubled commands.

No more mistakes when sending messages to players.

The application is written in the modern and very secure Django framework. Therefore it solves COMPLETELY most of the seciurity mistakes of smaller applications like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery and clickjacking also providing a safe way to manage user accounts.

When designing the application, special emphasis was placed on the security of user accounts, preventing access to the data entered by them for other users and third parties.

Both the web server and the database server are located in the Oracle Cloud cloud, with special attention to all their safety recommendations.

The only one person involved in code writing and project maintenance from the beginning to date, means little risk of accidental sudden exposure of user data.

Ensuring the privacy of users is the most important task of this project, your data will never be passed on to other users, game players or third parties or anyone else for any purpose.

My name is RafaƂ, I am a Software Engineer at Samsung R&D. I am interested in web applications, both backend and frontend, cloud technologies and security in the web. I write mainly in Python and Typescript.

In addition to the above, I am a fan of fantasy, I have been reading series more or less regularly since childhood, my favourite author is Ursula Le Guin and her series Earthsea. I am a seasonal runner (my greatest achievement is participation in provincial competitions), I love chess and poker and a good movie too.

Join the discord to be up to date with news, ask about what is unclear, report bugs and propose changes.